Q & A

About our nursery structure

Can we visit before enrolling?

Yes. It is by appointment, so please contact us first to make an appointment.

Do you have an extended nursery?

Yes. The cost for pre-school is ¥630 per hour. If it is within our business hours (until 16:00), you can extend as much as you like. Please contact us beforehand if you need to extend after 16:00.

About making up the class...

We can't make up any classes for any reasons. However, if you have to leave your children due to your family reasons, please use a 'free ticket'.。

I would like to register on Monday, but there are many national holidays on Monday. Are there fewer classes compared to the other dates?

We balance all classes to match others. We make a yearly schedule first, then adjust all classes are match others. If you would like more details, please check the yearly calendar at the 'Belle・Club Calendar'.

About curriculum:

My daughter is not interested in any sports, but do you have any sports activity time?

Yes we do. It is very important for children not to have a ‘weak point’. We have an expert physical education male teacher to teach the course, and our motto is ‘Let’s enjoy moving your body!!’ Class contents depend on the age group, so we are sure that your children will enjoy.
Please visit the class before you enroll.

My children love music. Do you have any music related classes?

Yes, we do. Every other Tuesday is a ‘Rhythmic Class’. ‘Rhythmic’ is a curriculum which develops children’s concentration and sudden reflection. Children play with dynamic sounds made by a grand piano. We hire an expert ‘Rhythmic’ teacher who speaks English. Please visit the class before you enroll.

About the course

In pre-school, if I have an emergency and I want to leave my children, but the day is not our registered day, what can we do?

We have a service called "Free ticket service".
children can join the curriculum for ¥2,520/2 hours.
If you want to extend until 16:00, please use extend ticket ¥630/per hour.
We can take care of your children until 16:00.

After finishing pre-school, children would like to continue after-school. Do we need to pay enrollment fees again?

If you continue to the after-school program after you finish Belle・Club pre-school, there is no enrollment fee. We have a discount for your brothers/sisters, so please ask us.

About clothing

Can we wear any clothes to school?

We have a uniform. We have Belle’s polo-shirt, bag, and apron as a 3-set. Please ask us about the cost of these. We have no restriction for skirts or pants.

About the food

I worry about lunch because my child doesn’t try to eat by himself at home.

At Belle・Club, children bring their own lunch. Children look forward to lunch time to eat their mother’s hand made lunch. Children who were eating with their hands start to change to use spoon/fork/chopsticks naturally because all their friends are using them. We believe this kind of communication is important.

My child has an allergy. How do you handle these issues during snack time?

For snacks, we prepare non-additive natural foods. We check your children’s food allergy before hand, and we select snacks from what we prepare for your children. Please understand that depending on your children’s allergies, we may have to ask you to prepare their food.。

About the center

Do you have any space/room for parents to wait for the children?

We have a lounge for waiting parents on the 6th floor. In the lounge, there is a TV monitor to watch your children.

About the enrollment system

My child is going to be 2-years old this year (he is still under 2-years old); can he enroll in the class?

Children’s development is different. Some children develop more quickly in order to join social groups. So we suggest joining the experience lesson and check your child’s level of development and adaptation to the school environment. If your child is not yet comfortable in this situation, then you may choose to wait longer. We will support your children well.

My child is still wearing a nappy. Can he enroll?

We will help toilet train your child. Please provide extra nappies/diapers.

Can he enroll in the middle of the term?

Yes you can enroll any month. Although fees are calculated by a term schedule, fees can be calculated on a pro-rata basis depending on when you enroll. Please ask us if you have more specific questions.

My child cries when we separate. Therefore, he could not join the classes. I still worry about this.

We understand that separation can be a big challenge for children and parents. However we encourage the strong connection between mother and child. Normally, the upset children, just separated from their mothers, begin to chase friends and teachers despite crying, and try to absorb into the school atmosphere. When they realize this is a fun place, they start to adapt. So please don’t worry about leaving your children with us.

How to access

Do you have parking space?

We are sorry, we have no parking space. Please use public transportation.

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