Junior English


The class runs our original curriculum which is based on Japanese seasonal activities and events. Depending on the age group, we focus on 'speaking', 'listening', 'writing', and 'reading' every lesson, and make children enjoy the class. Our motto is 'getting used to English rather than learning English'. Therefore, children can observe English rapidly. We have a native speaking English teacher for this class. We also have a Japanese staff as a support teacher.

Object Day Class Time
Kinder Children & primary
school students
M 16:30~17:30
(Students are fee to attend from 16:00)

Entrance Information

ObjectKinder Children & primary school students
Class Time16:30~17:30 (Students are fee to attend from 16:00)

Enrollment Fee

Enrollment Fee¥10,000

A monthly fee

1 month¥6,000


1st termearly April~middle of July
2nd termearly September~middle of December
3rd termearly January~middle of March

What you need when you register.

  • Application form
  • Enrollment Fee


  • べるようちえん
  • キッズハウス
  • キッズクラブ・クックバラ
  • ベル・クラブ
  • ベルグループ