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Object Capacity Day Class Time
Kinder Children appx. 8/1 group Tue/Wed
  • Class registration:
    You can choose any date of the week and as many days as you like. Please choose the date you wish to enroll.
  • Care outside of hours:
    Students are free to attend from 15:30.

Daily schedule/contents of curriculum:

Manner Time

Keep Japanese sense, and learn manners, postures, and customs of the four seasons naturally.

Sunshine Time

What is a Sunshine time

Lecture are given only in English at Sunshine time.
Art, discovery, Japanese traditional play, and various other kind of curriculums.

1.ESL Activity

Develpoe Speaking and Listening skills by naturaly interacting with the English teachers through Games, Drama and by reading stories.
We will develop their "English-mind".


Children 'discover' new things through 'math', 'science', 'nature', and 'the change of four seasons'. To develop children's originality = imagination

3.Japanese traditional Play

Children enjoy learning through cultural activities such as Japanese seasonal nursery rhymes, hand play, children's songs, and picture books.

Rainbow Time (Original English curriculum)

Main purpose is to build up English Conversation. Children can have fun and learn basic English.

Story Time

This is the time to read books relating to the course such as Japanese seasons and manners. Picture books are read bilingually.

Entrance Information

ObjectKinder Children
Capacityappx. 8/1 group
Class Time16:00~17:15

Enrollment Fee

Enrollment Fee¥10,000

Monthly fee

Tuition Monthly Payment
(Except August)


1st termearly April~middle of July
2nd termearly September~middle of December
3rd termearly January~middle of March

What you need when you register.

  • Application form
  • Children's Record Book (please attach family picture)
  • Medical Examination
  • Enrollment Fee


  • A kinder-room member needs to be registered.
  • Please make your tuition payment on the appointment day in each month.
  • Please ask us if you would like to come twice or more a week.
  • Expenses, enrollment fees, and ticket fees are not refundable.
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Guardian's impression

My child had a chance to speak with foreigners.
He could understand everything foreigners said and they gave him praise.
That made me so proud.
He still remembers the praise from foreigners.
This was a good chance to build his confidence.

My daughter was staying at her grandparent's house.
They were in the bathroom. I heard her giving them an English lesson.
It was funny because my daughter said to them "No, grandpa! It's ○×△*!,OK?"
She is a very good teacher for them.

It was out for lunch with my friends and their children.
After a while the children started to stand up and run around the room.
My son stayed sitting down. The other moms praised my son, saying how great it was that he was still sitting.
He said that at Belle・Club the teachers tell us that we should not run in restaurant or public space. "No running!" The other moms were very surprised.
I was so proud of my son. Hashiranai= No running!
My son was able to understand. That made me happy!

Before my son didn't like English.
But now he knows he can have "Play-day" on the 4th floor.
Now he enjoys coming to Belle・Club and is able to speak English by himself with the English teachers.

At the kindergarten entrance ceremony, many of the children were crying because
of the new atmosphere.
When my daughter's name was called by her new teacher, she said "YES!" with a big voice.
The teacher was very proud and praised her. She seemed very proud of herself, too. (mother who child graduated preschool)

  • べるようちえん
  • キッズハウス
  • キッズクラブ・クックバラ
  • ベル・クラブ
  • ベルグループ