Honey Class


For children who are too young or cannot be independent form their mom, and want to learn English and get used to being around foreigner..
This class prepares children for Preschool.

Content of Class

The main teacher is foreing teacher.
The lessons are fun and involve songs, toys, fingerplays, flashcards and story books.
After the lesson children can play with each other and their mom on the 4th floor Kid's playground until 12:30.


Day Every Monday(closed on national holiday)
Place Kids' team .......4th floor
Babys' team .......6th floor
Time Kids' team ......10:00~11:40
Babys' team ......10:50~12:30

Entrance Information

Enrolment fee

Enrollment Fee¥1,000

Monthly fee

Monthly fee¥5,000

Special offer

our 4th floor kid's playground is open children and their moms to play from 10:30-12:00 on Tuesday ~ Friday for members only.
Please make an appointment if you would like to come.

Please note

For any reason you and your child needs to be absent for an illness etc,
we are sorry we can not refund or offer a make-up lesson.

What you need when you register.

  • Application form
  • Children's Record Book (please attach family picture)
  • Medical Examination
  • Enrollment Fee
  • For smartphone site